Holding the Middle Class Hostage

By John Kubinski

This country is on the verge of falling off the “fiscal cliff”. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that some sort of compromise must be reached before we come to that point. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the middle class will suffer the most if we reach that cliff and higher tax rates are imposed on the working people of this country. Daily, there is some politician standing behind a podium and declaring their allegiance to the middle class. Every news program or radio-show you listen to proclaims that the middle class must be helped. A wide variety of economists and financial experts project financial disaster if something isn’t done to preserve the middle class. With all these groups seemingly in favor of helping the middle class , why hasn’t extending tax breaks for those of us earning less than 250,000 dollars per year been implemented?


The result of the presidential election was a clear and resounding message for those who represent us in government that we want to be taken care of instead of the super-rich. We made it obvious that we are tired of carrying the burden of paying to keep this country afloat while wall street gets bailed out and walks away with millions. We are tired of paying a higher tax percentage than our bosses. We are fed up with working harder and harder to make ends meet while corporations are raking in record breaking profits and paying little or sometimes even nothing in taxes.

We sent that message but apparently no one was paying attention. If all the politicians are claiming that protecting the working people of this country is their top priority then why hasn’t something been done to protect us? Why does the republican congress continue to hold us hostage? Is protecting the super-rich really worth destroying the economic state of this country? With every minute that passes , speaker Boehner and his cronies show who they truly represent. By taking the middle class hostage and threatening to drive this country back into a recession they have once again proven that they are nothing more than puppets of the ultra-rich. In the meantime, people like you and I have to wonder if we will be taking home less in our paychecks at the same time the holiday bills start pouring in. What can we do? Start by contacting your congressman. Demand that they keep their promises to the middle class. Let them know that this constant bickering and inane posturing is no longer an option. Let it be known that you want ACTION. Tell them you are the middle class and you won’t be held hostage any longer. WAKE UP MIDDLE CLASS!!!!

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