“The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes” – Aristotle

We are a group that is committed to raising the awareness of the middle class on the issues that affect them the most. We will Strive to inspire people to action through thoughtful opinion and informed insight on current issues.


     In October of 2011 the idea for a group that advocated and or worked on behalf of middle class issues was envisioned at a local political club’s awards night in Staten Island, NY by two union members. They were at the dinner in support of their unions and the labor award recipient that evening. These two blue collar working guys were John Kubinksi proud member of UFCW local 1500 since 1989 and Robert Holst proud member of IBEW local union #3 since 1996.

John Kubinksi

John Kubinksi

At first a club for union members in Staten Island from all unions was the goal. To bring everyone together and discuss what is important to us as rank and file members and how best we could as individuals fight for ourselves. Realizing the size of the task we were taking on we decided to ask others for help. A meeting at the local diner in January of 2012 brought Steve Spano also a proud member of IBEW local union #3. Ideas were thrown around at that meeting and the club turned into a group.

Not only made up of union members but anybody that considered themselves middle class and wanted to help inform others like themselves about issues that were important to us. A group made up of middle class workers that would do what they could to wake up the members of the middle class that were not perhaps aware of the issues that were having an effect on their daily lives. Staten Island presented a unique situation to try and set this up. Staten island has the highest union density rate than any other county in the United States yet consistently votes for candidates that would not be considered “friendly” to organized labor in our opinion.

Realizing that the job of advocating and speaking for working people was already being done by the AFL-CIO and it’s individual unions we decided we could be more effective in supporting them (organized labor) in their mission by being a group that would try and educate working people about the various issues and how their government works and what each individuals role is in it. It was our contention that policemen, firemen, and teachers were not the reason the economy was in trouble. But it was the greedy organizations that wanted more of the pie for themselves. That through subverting our democracy with more money than any working person will attain in a lifetime the voice of the average working guy was being drowned out.

Robert Holst

Robert Holst

The Middle Class Action Project (or MCAP as we have come to call it) was born.

It is our hope to make the middle class aware of what is being done to them by corporations, politicians, and the greedy alike. To dispel myths about unions and get people involved in fighting for their own futures. We hope to spark conversation, and get the middle class to make informed decisions about their own futures. After all that hope they are inspired enough to take action on their own behalf.
Thanks for taking the time to find out a little bit of what we are about.

You can contact us on our facebook page or on twitter

Email us at info@themiddleclassactionproject.com with questions or general comments of goodwill.

Thanks for stopping by!


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