Help Wanted

The Revolution WON’T be televised. Why it’s up to the people to spread the message.

By John Kubinski (co-founder of The Middle Class Action Project)

    The corporate media has an agenda. It serves only two purposes, to make money and push the propaganda of the corporations that own them. Ever since 60 Minutes proved that a news program could bring in revenue our exposure to truth and rational thought has been compromised.


When CNN became the 24/7 source for news the way events were presented to the public changed forever. Ratings suddenly became a factor. The network became beholden to advertisers. The need to be the first to break the story superseded the need to be accurate or in some cases even factual. Fox “news” took things to a whole new level.

This network is shamelessly designed for one purpose only, to spread the conservative right wing talking points. It has been researched and proven that this so called news network only reports the truth 18% of the time. It has brought a case in front of the Supreme Court that defends its “right” to LIE. MSNBC which has often been viewed as the left wing answer to Fox is no better.


When the network first started to gain a following you would see stories about Unionism, Income Inequality and Corporate corruption but when the powers that be saw that a following was building they stepped in. The network pulled their most effective hosts off the air and any actual reporting was replaced with Trump coverage.

It was becoming apparent that the network was changing when you would see Walmart commercials during the Ed Schultz show. Since the Koch Brothers have started advertising on MSNBC any mention of their wrong doings have come to a halt.

If the media can no longer be trusted where can the people turn for information? The Internet has proven to an extremely useful tool for the dispersal of information but even that is falling under corporate control. Mediums like Facebook and Twitter control how many people receive your information and will only dispense your message to the masses if you pay them. The other problem is public apathy. Too many of us have become disillusioned with the “news”. People don’t know who to trust, they don’t know who to believe. They have completely given up on even trying to know what’s going on in the world.

The corporate powers that be have convinced people that it is more important to get the new I-Phone than it is to know what is happening in your local State House. More people can name the judges on America’s Got Talent than can name even one Supreme Court Judge.

Being entertained has become more of a priority for Americans than being informed. This is why it is time for those of us who are trying desperately to get the apathetic back into the game to change our approach. It is time to start a new renaissance. It is time to inform in whatever approach is necessary. This became evident when more people started trusting Jon Stewart as their primary news source than they did the Nightly news.


We need artists, musicians, poets, writers, cartoonists, comics, photographers and satirists to become the new voice of reason. We need to do whatever we can to reach as many people as possible. Throughout history artists and musicians have been counted on for perspective. Balladeers and Minstrels used to roam the countryside informing the people through song. When the ruling class tried to control what the people were allowed to know the artistic community always rose to the occasion and sent information through song and poetry, paintings and stories.

We at The Middle Class Action Project are starting a CALL TO ACTION.

We are calling on the creative community to rise up once again and help fight for the working class. Help give voice to the voiceless. Send us your videos or drawings, pictures and poems. If you can sing or play an instrument, send us a video of your performance. If you can draw send us a picture, ANYWAY you can help us spread the word, Please do. If you feel your artistic talent is lacking send us a video of yourself simply speaking (or ranting).

Send your performances to us on our facebook page or at our website We will get them out to as many as we can through facebook, twitter, youtube, Instagram and our website. We need you to WAKE UP, STAND UP and FIGHT BACK

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