Industrial Staten island. Do you have any personal memories?

“Crony Corporatism today is an outsourcing of American jobs plus walmartization of the whole country” – I.G.

The Middle Class Action Project, Staten Island, NY

Below is a partial list of Staten Island Companies that made things right here at home. They all produced good manufacturing jobs that undergirded a thriving middle class on Staten Island for decades. Now they are gone. The same has happened across this country, gutting the middle class of good-paying, often unionized jobs, the wage gains of which rippled though the economy during a period when prosperity was widely shared in this country. Restoring these kinds of jobs and reinstating the middle class prosperity is what the Middle Class Action Project seeks to achieve.


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Do you have any personal memories of the business below, or any others that helped build American Middle Class?

Was your family supported by the wages they generated? If so, let us know your stories.

  1. Procter & Gamble,
  2. S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co.,
  3. American linoleum manufacturing Company,
  4. R&H Brew,
  5. Little Farms,
  6. Wallerstein & Company,
  7. Kriescher Brick,
  8. Bachmann Brewery,
  9. Bechtel Brewery,
  10. Monroe Eckstein Brewery,
  11. Gustave Mayer Confectioner,
  12. Bethlehem Steel,
  13. Staten Island Ship Building,
  14. Miliken Foundry,
  15. Kreischer Brickworks,
  16. Ultramarine Factory,
  17. Brown Shipyards,
  18. Terra Cotta factory,
  19. NY Dying and Printing Establishment,
  20. Goodyear factory,
  21. Crabtree & Wilkinson,
  22. Burlee Drydock
  23. Unexcelled Fireworks,
  24. Paine Fireworks,
  25. Barrett Nephews Dyeworks,
  26. JB King,
  27. Jewett & Sons,
  28. Ostwald Uniforms ,
  29. Siegle Corporation,
  30. CW Hunt,
  31. Hadkins Bottling Co. ,
  32. Standard Varnish ,
  33. DeJonge Fancy Paper,
  34. Anderson Pressed Brick Co.
  35. Oh and Muralo Paint,
  36. Jewett Linseed Factory,
  37. Wrigley Gum,
  38. Weissglass Dairy
  39. US Gypsum

3 responses to “Industrial Staten island. Do you have any personal memories?

  1. We lived in Old Bridge, New Jersey from ’66 to ’68 and my dad was a research biochemist at Wallerstein Labs. He did research using invertase sugars in some of the products that Wallerstein developed. I remember him telling us that Wallerstein had invented Bosco.

  2. My Paternal Grandfather Ernst Aust “Ernie” worked at Wallerstein and Company in Staten Island. In short, his job was to make the head of the beer. When I was a young girl My Grandpa also know as Opa would explain the entire process of making beer. I recently became aware that his friend Otto Wilmer organized a union at their job.

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