Middle Class Action Project Co-Founder Robert Holst Interviewed by Chairman John P. Gulino, Chairman of the Democratic Committee of Staten Island, Regarding the Special Election Nomination

January 19, 2015

                                                                  For Immediate Release

“I have heard the concerns of people fighting to stay in the middle class, as well as those who dream of attaining it. It is often a heart-breaking exercise to listen to people who no longer believe there is any American dream left for them; who have begun to doubt whether they will ever enjoy the same standard of living their parents did. Addressing those concerns will drive my campaign for congress. ”

– Robert Holst

Robert Holst

Robert Holst

Middle Class Action Project Co-Founder and 11th district congressional candidate Robert Holst met with SI Democratic Committee Chairman Job Gulinio on Saturday for to present his plan to win in the seat vacated by Michael Grimm should he be chosen as the party’s nominee.

Holst made clear that his campaign would focus economic issues that help strengthen the middle class, which has been decimated over the last 35 years.  Addressing the concerns of working people, he told Gulino, is the only way to drive turnout in what, in all probability, will be a very low turnout election and make it competitive for the Democrats.

Shaking up the race by nominating a non-politician whose chief concern is bringing back good-paying manufacturing jobs, and promoting a “Made in America” ethos again can cut across party lines and help make up the 13 point deficit Dominic Recchia faced on Election Day.

Chairman Gulino said there has not been any decision as to who the party” nominee will be.


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