Why Staten Island Needs a Congressional Candidate like Robert Holst

By John Kubinski

Congressman Michael Grimm has resigned from Congress after pleading guilty to tax evasion charges. This means that the people of Staten Island and Brooklyn need a new representative.

In the last election Islanders were offered two choices, Grimm or Recchia who proved to be unprepared to run. These two were the best the two parties had to offer. A criminal and a candidate that was lost and confused.

It’s time for some new blood.

It’s time for the people to pick their candidate and not leave the decision to the political powers that be.

It’s time to have someone outside the inner circle. We deserve a candidate that is well versed on the issues that affect working people.

We need someone that will fight for us.

We need a candidate like Robert Holst.

2013. Robert Holst: "Don’t Outsource an American Icon. Rebuild the Verrazano Bridge with American Steel"

2013. Robert Holst: “Don’t Outsource an American Icon. Rebuild the Verrazano Bridge with American Steel”

Robert is a tireless fighter for the working class. His work with Local 3 as their political director and of course his involvement with The Middle Class Action Project proves that he is committed to making things better for the working class.

Unlike other candidates that claim to want to rebuild the middle class Rob actually has a plan to do it.

His commitment to bringing back manufacturing to this country is one of the main reasons we need him in Congress.

He opposes the Trans Pacific Partnership and will work to attempt to reform the current trade agreements that make it so easy for corporations to outsource jobs to other countries. He will advocate for fair wages and worker’s rights. He won’t bow to the will of corporations or special interests.

He will try to change the current pay to play model in Washington. He doesn’t believe that “corporations are people” or that “money is speech”.

We need someone that supports organized labor and will never vote for “right to work” legislation. We need someone, like Robert, that will fight to keep our pensions and social security safe. We need someone that will defend the Postal service and that will support our teachers. We need a representative that will try to relieve the burden of our student debt. We need an advocate for the homeless. We need a man we can trust. We need a man that cares. We need a man like Robert Holst.


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