Middle Class Action Project Co-Founder Robert Holst Running for Congress

January 5, 2015

For Immediate Release

Co-founder of the Middle Class Action project, Robert Holst, has declared his intention to make a run for congress in the special election to succeed Congressman Michael Grimm.

Robert Holst, 41, will compete for the nomination of the Democratic County Committee, though he acknowledges that getting the committee’s endorsement is a long shot

Robert Holst, 41, will compete for the nomination of the Democratic County Committee, though he acknowledges that getting the committee’s endorsement is a long shot

Nevertheless, Holst believes he would be the best candidate over the more well-known names:

“The Democratic candidate will have to make up a 13-point spread in a special election where turnout will be low, possibly even lower than it was last November.”

He said referring to Michael Grimm’s margin of victory over Democrat Domenic Recchia.

“I believe the prospect of just another candidacy of just another politician making up those 13 points in a special election – just to be competitive – is slim to non-existent. To do that you need someone who can shake up the race; a non-politician who will focus on issues that cut across party lines, issues like bringing back good-paying manufacturing jobs, resuscitating the American middle class and promoting a “Made in America” ethos again. Addressing those issues – building an economy that works for everyone – have been at the core of everything the Middle Class Action Project has been doing.”

The idea of running for congress didn’t start with the candidate. A  “Draft Robert Holst to run for Congress ” Facebook page appeared on December 31st and had accumulated nearly 200 “likes” by the end of the weekend. Holst was made aware of the page when he started getting phone calls about it. Then the idea of sending a working man to Washington to represent the working people of the 11th congressional district made perfect sense to him.

“Who better to represent the interests of working people than someone who goes to work every single day? That would be something fairly unique in American politics where moneyed interests control the agenda in Washington. That would shake people from their apathy.”

Robert Holst was born in Brooklyn. His childhood was difficult and at times transient; his father often absent. He and his siblings were supported by their mother and grandparents much of the time. Holt’s story is the classic case of a youngster who could have gone either way; he could have easily succumbed to the hard-scrabble environment of drugs and crime in Park Slope in the 1970s. It was when his father got a union job on Staten Island that the family stabilized. Today Robert is a SUNY graduate, a Journeyman Inside Wireman by trade and a member of local 3 of the IBEW. He lives in Mariners Harbor with his wife, Danielle, a school teacher, and their three children.

“I’m not doing this for the pay grade”, Holst said of this congressional run. “I already have a good job. This is about making a difference.”




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