Millions Sit Idly By As Their Freedom Is Stripped Away

By John Kubinski

A recent study titled “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens” finds that the American government serves the interests of the rich and powerful and not the average citizen. Using policy data collected since 1981, the study shows that US government policies rarely reflect the wants of the people. The policies reflect the special interests of big business and the extremely wealthy. Policies are enacted even when polling shows a vast majority of the citizenry oppose them. When there is public outcry for action, the government will do whatever is best for special interest groups instead of listening to the voice of the people.


The Supreme Court rulings in the cases of “McCutcheon vs. The Federal Elections Committee” and the infamous “Citizens United” allow giant corporations and the extremely wealthy to pump as much money as they want into the political system. The concept that money is speech is silencing the voice the average American citizen.

The attacks on Labor Unions continue. The blatant interference in Tennessee by elected officials in a vote to unionize a car manufacturing plant is becoming common practice. The continued onslaught on The Postal Union as well the Teachers Union is further evidence that the rich and powerful want to privatize everything and profit from every service while continuing to weaken the worker.

The majority of the media outlets in this country are corporately owned. The news stations and political talk shows continue to address issues that cause derisiveness among the population in order to keep the people distracted from what is being done to them.

Lobby groups continue to buy more and more political power in Washington and groups like ALEC write laws that benefit their corporate members.

All this is being done out in the open. The shady back room political deals of the past are now flaunted for the world to see. Politicians are publicly wooing rich financiers. The rich businessmen publicly flaunt their views and the political puppets rush to their side looking for money and power.

2014 is an election year. Senate and Congress seats are up for grabs. The political direction of this country is in play. Each political party is scrambling to appeal to special interest groups or particular demographic groups in an effort to get them out to the polls. The political pundits realize that fewer people vote in elections that don’t involve the presidential race.

This is the root of the problem. The people of this country are more concerned with the new i-phone than they are with their new Senator. They care more about who wins the playoffs than who wins the local city council race. They know more judges on American Idol than they do on the Supreme Court.

Apathy is Lethal and the inactivity of our citizens is leading to the decline of our society. We need to wake the masses. We need to fight back and stand up for our rights. We need to take back control of our government. We need to strengthen our middle class and weaken the influence of the 1%. WE NEED TO TAKE ACTION.

The Middle Class Action Project is determined to wake up the working class in this country and light a spark under the apathetic. Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Join us in our efforts. Help spread the word. Stand up for your family and friends. Get involved. Take action.



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