When are things going to get better?

By John Kubinski

How many of us sit back and wonder ” When are things going to get better?”. We keep waiting for politicians to start representing the people. We wait for them to propose legislation that will make our everyday lives easier. We wait for them to ease our financial woes but all we get are laws that protect the rich and give them more tax breaks. We keep waiting for our bosses to appreciate us and realize how hard we work. We wait for them to give us a raise , or benefits or a promotion.

All we get are stagnate wages and reasons they can no longer provide benefits, while raking in millions and sometimes billions in profits. We get a system in which corporate CEO’s get millions in bonuses even when they fail miserably at their job while workers have to protest and strike to get the minimum wage raised.

10151265_610370505720863_367375071_nWe watch as elected officials openly oppose workers rights and create laws that prevent workers from organizing.We sit and watch as our government allows billionaires to put as much money into the political arena as possible , making it virtually impossible for the working person to have a voice. The richest people in this country keep getting richer at an incredible pace while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet and pay the bills. The poorest of us are hurt by deep cuts to programs that provide them relief. We sit back and wonder when is this going to change.

Nothing is going to change if you just sit back and wonder. The time has come to stop being an objective observer in your own life. The time has come for you to stop waiting for things to get better. The time has come for you to stop hiding your head in the sand and letting things happen. The people in power don’t do that. They don’t sit back and rest. They constantly come with ways to separate you from your money. They derive ways to weaken your rights as a worker. They plot and plan to come up with new ways to lessen your ability to stand up for yourself. Sitting back and waiting just makes their efforts that much easier.

It is time to become an active participant in the battle. Stand up and make yourself heard. Fight back for yourself and your neighbor. What you allow is what will continue. Call your elected officials and demand that they start doing their job. Demand that they represent the people and not just the powerful. Show them that you are engaged and informed. Stop being a victim and start being a citizen. This country was built by the people and for the people.







Don’t just sit there and wonder when things are going to change, MAKE THEM CHANGE.


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