In race to fight for the workers

By Greg Welch,


I’m Greg Welch, and I’m running for United States Senate in the State of Kentucky. I’m the longest of the long shot candidates and if it’s one thing we know here in Kentucky it’s horse racing and horse racing teaches us that sometimes, the Longshot wins the race.

Gregory Welch

Gregory Welch

I’m in this race because win or lose the middle and lower income earners of our nation deserve a voice and they deserve to be heard.

I’m in this race because I believe the injustices and inequalities being pushed on the majority need addressing and the middle deserves a fair footing and equal access to the American dream.

I’m in this race because I come from a working class family, am the descendent of the same, and am myself at the lower end of the middle income status. I’m a student with a debt sentence who knows the realities of the fights I’m fighting and the causes I’m making a stand for.

I’m in this race to ask the question, “why?”

Why do we have to have the same old worn out politics first approach?

Why do we have to continue the myth of  trickle down economics?

Why do we have to empower the top earning 2% at the cost of the rest of the nation’s workers and citizens?

Why do we have to embrace ideas that just don’t work and why do we have to fit our solutions into nice and tidy easily labeled boxes?

No, I’m in this race to fight for the workers, the citizens, the 98%, the bullied, the discriminated against and the disenfranchised ones.

I’m in this to question the approaches we’ve been taking that just aren’t working and I’m in this to empower the citizen and the worker that together we might empower our whole country and move forward to a new era of American dreams.

Let’s dream again, and more than that, let’s make our dreams a reality. Together, I have every confidence that we can.

If you feel as I feel and believe in this message, give my campaign page a look, a like, and share.


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