Kirsten Gillibrand: I want to see Made in America again

Fri, Oct 25, 2013


In my home state of New York, we lost more than 123,000 manufacturing jobs between 2005 and 2010. That’s 123,000 women and men who lost the ability to provide for their families through no fault of their own.

That should not mean that we give up. We are seeing remarkable growth in good-paying jobs in emerging high-tech manufacturing sectors such as electronic manufacturing and information technology.

But there is more we can do, right now, to spur this growth and once again make manufacturing the backbone of our economy. Congress should pass the Made in America Manufacturing Act, which enables high-tech manufacturers in particular to expand their businesses. It also creates new job training programs specifically tailored to what these manufacturers need in the 21st century.

With our unemployment rate at 7.2%, workers and entrepreneurs are counting on Congress to support them, not get in their way. It is up to us to drive Congress to action today.

Click here to join me and my colleagues in calling on Congress to make high-paying manufacturing jobs a priority today.

Manufacturers need support from Congress now. Small businesses across the country will benefit from Congressional action through a new ability to partner with state or regional public-private partnerships and participate in the federally funded competition that this bill creates.

The opportunities from this competitive program are endless, fostering public-private partnerships in high-tech fields. We cannot let Congress wait any longer on supporting manufacturers. That’s why I need your help to show Congress that we care about generating new jobs in manufacturing now. Together we can move Washington to act.

Join us today in urging Congress to spur job growth by taking action for our country’s manufacturers.

Thanks for helping make jobs and manufacturing a priority for our country

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