MCAP One year later

By Jackie Peluso

It’s hard to believe that it was only a year a small group of people took to the streets in an effort to raise awareness and take action. That small group became The Middle Class Action Project and over time has spread its name, ideas and visions with people all over the United States.


The facebook page of this now growing action group has over one thousand likes and continues it’s mission of raising awareness and sharing it with everyone. In celebration of the year anniversary we want YOU to take the streets, hold your signs up high and raise your voice! All it takes is a few people and a purpose. Change doesn’t happen over night and taking to the streets and simply supporting your local unions, shelters, co-workers, etc; is one big step in the right direction. Taking action isn’t about arguing with others to see things your way it’s about a bond, a union ship and along the way you might just open someone’s eyes. You have the power to set off a chain reaction and create change tomorrow! When you gather up a few people and hold your ‘take action’ signs up high or even your ‘wake up’ signs be sure to post it on The Middle Class Action Project’s facebook page. Change is coming and we’re not going to watch from the sidelines we’re going to be the ones making it happen. Remember you were blessed with a voice it would be a shame not to use it.

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